2 x 2S Lipo Charger


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***Lipo batteries MUST be handled with care*** Even small ones have a lot of energy in them and must be handled safely!

We scoured the world to find small, cost effective, safe chargers for the small 2S batteries that we use.

Most of the batteries we sell can handle 5C+ charging rates (5C x 300mah = 1.5amps), some are rated as high as 15C or even 30C, that said, there are some batteries that are rated at 2C = 0.6amp.

If you want to be able to charge fast we suggest that you look into the cost effective “B6” style chargers. If you want a small, inexpensive, safe way to charge at 0.6amps, look no further.

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Weight 27 g
Dimensions 69 × 48 × 23 mm


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