Malenki-Nano Steering mix. New option to toggle to 100% Steering.

***** 6/18/23 Update! 100% Steering option enabled! It's a BRAND new "11-pulses" configuration option.

The default steering mix percentage has always been 50%. This has been an excellent "starting point" for the vast majority of people. The feedback we receive about steering percentage has shifted from near 100% wanting less, to 80% wanting more. Less steering has always been easy, as the steering can be turned down in all compatible radios. More steering has required disabling the mixing in the Malenki (6 pulses in Configuration mode) and doing the mixing in the radio. People running 150g bots are often down near 35% with powerful motors on 2wd bots in low-grip arenas, and occasionally get up into the 60s with 4wd in high-grip arenas. The usage of Malenkis in heavier bots, with more grip, and occasionally less surplus drive power has resulted in more people wanting more steering percentage.

The "ideal" steering mix percentage depends on several factors including:

1. Personal preference - some people want a very responsive bot, others prefer something "more controllable".

2. The bot's resistance to steering - increasing weight, grip, number of drive tires, moment of inertia, and a few other factors can all make it "harder" to turn.

3. Surplus drive power - bot's with plenty of drive power generally feel like they can easily turn and will generally be preferred with less steering percentage.

4. Floor traction - many pistol grip radios have a steering Dual Rates switch easily reachable while running. Serious R/C racers adjust the steering Dual Rates as the grip changes during a single race. Many of us that do mixing in the radios tend to adjust the steering percentage each time we get to a new arena, or if we change tires.

The inability of radios like the Turnigy Evolution and FlySky FS-GT5 to do mixing has prevented some people from being able to raise the steering percentage. Not anymore! Now you can toggle the Malenki's internal steering percentage to 100%, and dial it down however you see fit.

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