• Do you want to get into combat robotics or entice your friends to join you in the fun? Turnabot is here to show you the easy path to getting started, improving your driving skills, launching a local club, and developing designs into winners. We specialize in 150g non-destructive competitive robots that can be run in our open air TurnaboX arenas. Join the adventure in helping to bring combat robots into your world. Endless fun, win or lose, jump back in because Turnabot’s fair play!

    Turnabots: Competition worthy bots sold as kits (presoldered and fully built options also available)

    Startabots: Bots designed to be affordable for camps, clubs, birthday parties, and schools wanting to teach design and build.

    Createabots: Design your own bot using TinkerCAD and your own 3D printer. Includes all of the amazing Startabot components to bring your bot to life!

  • Who are we? We are the Siegels...a fun, crazy family who embraces adventure and loves a challenge! If we aren't in our workshop, you will probably find us traveling around in our vintage (1996) RV, remodeling, playing games, or hanging outdoors with our dog, Molly.

    Turnabot grew out of our enthusiasm for science and our desire to inspire others. We hope to be a bridge between store bought toys and designing your own creations. During the pandemic we started homeschooling, and as part of the science curriculum we started building simple robots from recycled tubs, popsicle sticks, motors, and simple circuits. We all learned a lot, but we soon realized that most of us have a drive for competition but have no idea how to make that leap. We are here to help!

Turnabot Turnaments

The Turnabot Tournaments in Atlanta have been an incredible success, creating a thrilling and unforgettable experience for roboteers of all ages and skill levels. Visit our Gallery to witness the excitement and joy that participants have experienced firsthand!

You too can start a Turnabot Turnament in your area. With a few Turnabox arenas, our all new 2 hour competition style, and handful of roboteers, you will see how easy it is to create your own fun. Click here to learn more about Turnabot Turnaments.

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