• Who are we? We are the Siegels...a fun, crazy family who embraces adventure and loves a challenge! If we aren't in our workshop, you will probably find us traveling around in our vintage (1996) RV, remodeling, playing games, or hanging outdoors with our dog, Molly.

    Turnabot grew out of our enthusiasm for science and our desire to inspire others. We hope to be a bridge between store bought toys and designing your own creation. During the pandemic we started homeschooling, and as part of the science curriculum we started building simple robots from recycled tubs, popsicle sticks, motors, and simple circuits. We all learned a lot, but we soon realized that most of us have a drive for competition but have no idea how to make that leap. We are here to help!

  • This amazing young lady, Ella, created everything on this site (other than this section, which she begrudgingly let us post). She requested Adobe and WordPress classes, designed the logo, came up with the slogan, and built the site. She’s also a master at soldering small parts.

Atlanta Turnabot Turnament 1

We are BEYOND excited to announce our first Turnament. Details and registration here:

Event Registration