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*** We fully support bulk orders for classes, clubs, camps, groups, etc. Please contact us to discuss package options and availability ***

Slammer is Slipper with vertical grabbing arms. All Slammer kits include the parts to make Slipper plus the Control Plow, Slammer arms, and linkages.

Slipper is 2WD flipper bot with powerful drive and a strong enough flip to launch other bots into the air.

You choose how much you would like to build:

"UnBox 'n' Battle" is simpler than buying an item at a store; they arrive with the batteries already installed :) You literally unpack, turn on, and BATTLE!

"Bind 'n' Battle" is for you that have your own radio. Again, they arrive with the battery already installed. You unpack, turn on, bind to your AHFDS 2A radio(s), and BATTLE!

"Pre-Soldered" is a fully assembled and tested wiring harness. You install the harness into your choice of "plastics" then bind and BATTLE!

"Standard" is every single component necessary to build and battle. All you need is a wire stripper and a soldering iron. We provide every piece, screw, driver, solder-assisting putty and step-by-step instructions are available as PDF and video.

Radios and chargers can be added to Standard and Pre-Soldered kits. You can select "with radio" in this listing or add-on the Radio and Charger add-on as a separate part.


"Simple" Step-by-Step Slipper Kit Assembly Instructions PDF


"Simple" Step-by-Step Slipper Kit Assembly Instructional Video


Slammer assembly video


See above


See above

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