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TurnaboX Arena

TurnaboX Arena

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We are BEYOND excited to bring you our TurnaboX Arena!

This 6 pound (yes, only SIX pounds) sportsman arena is easily storable, portable, and opens to a SEAMLESS battleground. Children as young as 6 years old have been able to get arenas from a closet, carry them to another room, set them up, battle, fold them back up, and put them away.

(Yes, convincing them to put it away was the hardest part)

The battle-floor is a full 49" x 42" with 5" outer walls and 2" deep pits. There are ZERO seams on the floor or along any of the walls. For storage and /or transport it folds to 42" x 15" x 20" which fits in the backseat or trunk of most compact cars.

For "normal" use opening the Velcro handle / closure at the top lets it drop open. There are sliding locks to hold the "middle walls" in place.

For club / bulk / tournament quantity orders they can be "flat-packed" letting us ship up to 5 of them by standard UPS at very reasonable rates.

*** Please note: we're working on the website's handling of shipping options. We're in Georgia. Shipping to Texas should be near $60 and all the way to the west coast should be near $100. If the shipping fee at checkout is much different, please reach out to us to verify the quote.

*** Also, if you have fast, high-traction bots with sharp wedges you may want to reinforce the inner corners with Bi-Directional Filament Strapping Tape.


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