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2S and 3S 20 WATT Lipo Charger

2S and 3S 20 WATT Lipo Charger

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***Lipo batteries MUST be handled with care*** Even small ones have a lot of energy in them and must be handled safely!

*** This is NOT our 2-place low amp 2S charger. That one is here:

This is the 20 AMP version of the popular B3 charger. At 1.6 amps it is nearly triple the power of our smaller (arguably "safer"). This is great for getting the most charge into your batteries between matches. Lipos should ALWAYS be monitored while charging, that much more so when charging with higher current.

Most of the batteries we sell can handle 5C+ charging rates (5C x 300mah = 1.5amps), some are rated as high as 15C or even 30C, that said, there are some batteries that are rated at 2C = 0.6amp.

If you want to be able to charge fast this is a great charger. If you want a small, inexpensive, safe way to charge at 0.6amps, please get our


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