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High-Power (Spicy and Monster) N10 and N20 motors - 700 to 3600 rpm on 2S (1-piece)

High-Power (Spicy and Monster) N10 and N20 motors - 700 to 3600 rpm on 2S (1-piece)

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Size and RPM

N10 motors are smaller and lighter than N20 motors. Turnabot N10 motors are more powerful than "most" N20 motors.

*2022 Update* - we are thrilled to announce that we now have what we believe are the most powerful commercially available N10 and N20 motors in the world! Also, most of our motors now have their RPM laser etched on the case!

Price is for 1 (one) motor.


Some brushed motor basics:

Torque and stall current have a near linear relationship. Cheap N20s are very weak and have appropriately low stall currents. For comparison on 2S:

Cheap N20 motors (often as low as $4 each) often stall near 0.25 amps and are working hard to move 150g and generally cannot push another 150g around.

Decent N20 motors (usually in the $7-$9 range) often stall near 0.45 amps and while they'll move themselves around fairly well, they are not likely to win many pushing matches.

"Good" N20 motors (usually in the $10-$14 range) generally stall closer to 0.90 amps and have real "authority" with 150g bots and are occasionally used in 1lb bots.

Before we had the latest batch of Turnabot N20 motors made the "best" N20s we were aware of were rated at 1.60 amps and were appropriately $18+

Turnabot "Spicy" N10 (700, 1200, 1650, and 3600) motors now stall at 1.0+ amps on 2S. This 1.0 amp "nominal" is also the appropriate limit for running two of them on ESCs with 2.0 amp max ratings.

Turnabot "Monster" N10 (1500, and 2200) stall at 1.3a+ on 2S. They have still been run on plenty of ESCs that have "2 amp" ratings. Please note that these are pushing the limits of most components.

Turnabot "Monster" N20 motors now stall at an incredible 2.0+ amps on 2S. It is VERY hard to stall these in insect weight drive so using one of them per side on 2.0 amp ESCs should be okay. These are NOT rated to run two of them per side on a 2.0 amp ESC.


Please note that even the 3600rpm N10 motors have enough torque that with four of the stickiest tires we're aware of, a 2S lipo at it's minimum suggested voltage (7.4v), and while carrying another 150g bot (300g on the wheels) these will still spin all four tires. The lower rpm motors can spin four sticky tires even in 1lb bots.

This much power in this small of a package means these motors should NOT be stalled for any length of time.

***We have a LOT of motors that are not listed here in our "standard offerings." If you need any specific Nx0 motor / rpm / power / stall current, please reach out to us and we'll see if we have something that will work for you.***



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