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Kingmax KM1203MD Servo

Kingmax KM1203MD Servo

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This is a MONSTER of micro-servo:

The KM1203MD is quite fast and has a massive 10.5 of torque!

Like all servos offered by Turnabot, these are extremely hard to hurt with normal usage.* 

*Many cheaper servos will burn out after only a few seconds of "hard-stalling" and often die after only a few minutes when very lightly stalled. These servos will put up with some stalling for entire battery packs.*

*PLEASE NOTE* stalling them will make them HOT. Unlike cheap servos they survive a lot of abuse, but please be aware that they can become uncomfortably hot to touch. It is still best to avoid stalling them as much as possible (it also uses a lot of battery energy to stall them).

@8.4V: 0.06sec/60 10.5 (131.95 oz/in)

@7.4V: 0.08sec/60 9.5 (131.95 oz/in)

@6.0V: 0.10sec/60 7.4 (102.78 oz/in)

@5.0V: 0.12sec/60 6.0 (102.78 oz/in)

Dimensions: 23X12X27.5 mm /0.91 X0.47X1.07 in
Weight: 20.3 g (0.72oz)

Potentiometer Drive: Direct Drive
Connector Wire Length: JR320 mm (12.48in)

-- Programmable high performance metal gears (copper+titanium) mini digital servo
-- High quality coreless motor
-- Full CNC aluminum hulls and structure
-- Dual ball bearings
-- Ideal for 450 class helicopter swashplate

We have found these to be quite noisy so don't be alarmed as that seems to be "normal" for them.



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