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Kingmax KM1203MDt Servo

Kingmax KM1203MDt Servo

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This is a MONSTER of micro-servo:

The KM1203MDt is absolutely THE FASTEST rated servo at even remotely comparably prices! And still has 7.2 of torque!

We have found these to be quite noisy so don't be alarmed as that seems to be "normal" for them.

Like all servos offered by Turnabot, these are extremely hard to hurt with normal usage.* 

@8.4 volts:
Speed: 0.04 sec / 60°
Torque: 7.2 (100

@7.4 volts:
Speed: 0.05 sec / 60° 
Torque: 6.6 (91.67

@6.0 volts:
Speed: 0.06 sec / 60° 
Torque: 5.8 (80.56

@5.0 volts:
Speed: 0.07 sec / 60° 
Torque: 4.6 (63.89

Dimensions: 23x12x27.5 mm / 0.91x0.47x1.07 in
Weight: 20.3 g (0.72oz)

*Many cheaper servos will burn out after only a few seconds of "hard-stalling" and often die after only a few minutes when very lightly stalled. These servos will put up with some stalling for entire battery packs.*

*PLEASE NOTE* stalling them will make them HOT. Unlike cheap servos they survive a lot of abuse, but please be aware that they can become uncomfortably hot to touch. It is still best to avoid stalling them as much as possible (it also uses a lot of battery energy to stall them).

-- Programmable high performance metal gears (copper+titanium) mini digital servo
-- High quality coreless motor
-- Full CNC aluminum hulls and structure
-- Dual ball bearings
-- Ideal for 450 class helicopter swashplate
-- Potentiometer Drive: Direct Drive
-- Connector Wire Length: JR320 mm (12.48in)


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