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2S 180mah 45-90C Turnabot Lipo Battery

2S 180mah 45-90C Turnabot Lipo Battery

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Under 11mm thickness!

We have heard the lamenting about the discontinuation of the "classic" 150g 2S lipo.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these <36mm x <18mm x <11mm and <14g 2S batteries!

We have abused our 4wd dual-servo 150g bots for 5+ minutes without pulling these batteries down under 7.4v and they immediately recovered to 7.6v+.

*** We love the ability to have LONG battle sessions with our 300mah batteries in bots that can fit the bigger batteries. These 180mah batteries free up space and weight to allow more aggressive designs, more armor, or more of whatever else you need. We do suggest having telemetry properly setup and / or checking your lipo voltage regularly if you are accustomed to running larger batteries.


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