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PTK VOTIK 949# MG-D Servo

PTK VOTIK 949# MG-D Servo

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Stronger or Faster

These PTK servos are "shockingly affordable" for their specs. We have tested them at length and have found them to be extremely durable in "normal combat robot usage" (including intentional long hard practices and full combat matches).

We now carry two options (the 7 is stronger, the 5 is faster)- 

9497 - @ 7.4 volts: 0.08 sec / 60° - 8.6

9495 - @ 7.4 volts: 0.055 sec / 60° - 4.8

Like all servos offered by Turnabot, these are extremely hard to hurt with normal usage.*

*Many cheaper servos will burn out after only a few seconds of "hard-stalling" and often die after only a few minutes of very light stalling. These PTK servos will put up with some stalling for entire battery packs. They are NOT as "effectively invincible at 150g" as the KST servos. They "can" be killed but typically it's from "extreme roughhousing" 

*PLEASE NOTE* stalling them will make them HOT. Unlike cheap servos they will survive a lot of abuse, but please be aware that they can become uncomfortably hot to touch. It is still best to avoid stalling them as much as possible (it also uses a lot of battery energy to stall them).

We have found that the ultimate torture tests of our bots are a whole bunch of kids that want to rumble with as many bots in an arena as possible, for as long as possible. We love to let them play so we managed to kill a few in 20+minute rumbles with lots of bots... If you want truly invincible, the KST are likely the best way to go.


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